The truth is very simple. If you want to be successful at weight loss, then you need a weight loss system that targets the root causes of weight gain. Physicians Nutraceutical Research (PNR) is pleased to endorse what it has researched and rated as the #1 weight loss program on the market today!

The weight loss system that really works!

The winner: A Slender for Life program called IDS. IDS is the only weight loss system the PNR group has found that honestly addresses the true root causes of weight gain. IDS could literally save this country , since one out of every two Americans is certifiably obese, and three out of four Americans are heavier than their optimal weight for health.

The first root cause of weight gain is a toxic buildup

Did you know that 70% of us are overweight due to retention of excess fluid rather than fat? Dr. Hans Kugler states, "because of the increase in toxic chemicals in the environment over the past 50 years, we are all carrying an unprecedented burden of poisons in our bodies. They are stored in our adipose tissue (fat) or nerve tissue. In fact, analysis of human adipose tissue has shown the presence of 50 to 100 toxic chemicals."

The second root cause is "the cravings" - the desire to eat too much of the wrong foods

There are two kinds of cravings: sugar craving and emotional cravings.

The third root cause of weight gain is food composition

Did you know that when we eat too many carbohydrates we are essentially sending a hormonal message (insulin) to the body to store and lock fat? Furthermore, did you know that fat does not make you fat and that you have to eat fat to lose fat? Remember, about 70% of obesity is caused by the retention of excess fluid rather than fat. Fat is no a root cause; improper food composition is a root cause!

The fourth root cause of weight gain is a reduced metabolic rate

The sensible alternative to increasing your metabolism is a process called "thermogenesis". This is a state where the body consumes excess energy (calories) to produce more heat. Through proper nutrition, thermogenesis can be achieved, thus mimicking the effect of exercise and resulting in lost pounds.

We have a thermogenesis product called Ignite!

The fifth root cause of weight gain is digestion

Did you know poor digestion conspires to make you fatter? Poor digestion and elimination contribute not only to weight gain but also to many other diseases!