The 5 Most Weight Gain Foods To Avoid For A Perfect Heath Life

A few years back, obesity was not an issue to worry about, as it was limited. People consumed raw food, which in essence contain vitamins, fats, and nutrients at the right levels as required by the body. 

However, in this 21st century, things have changed. Obesity has circumnavigated and affected the entire planet. According to reports, obesity is believed to originate from consuming certain types of foods. 

Additionally, certain foods contain high levels of calories than others. Processed foods contain high levels of added fats, salt, and sugars, and these are massive sources of calories. Below is a list of the 5 foods that you really need to avoid if you really want to lose weight.

1. Beer, Alcohol And Sugary Drinks

The high consumption rate of drinks like alcohol, beer, and soda can affect your body weight. Sugary beverages and beer contain high levels of calories. When consumed for some time, these sugars pile up forming calories, thereby leading to extreme weight gain in the body. 

One way of staying healthy is avoiding drinks like soda, wine, and beer. The only time to consume these drinks is when you need them, but not every time. So, avoid beer, alcohol, and soda for a healthy life. 

2. Sandwiches With Mayonnaise

As you well know, mayonnaise is creamy with sugar and fats. Consuming too much of mayonnaise with lunch can lead to obesity. Unlike beer and soda, mayonnaise contains an extreme percentage of fats. 

Instead of applying mayonnaise between your sandwiches, try aligning your lunch with lots of veggies and mustard, which contain low levels of calories. You can also try adding crunchy vegetables like peanut butter for extra taste.

3. Sweetened Coffee

Coffee is a source of energy. Coffee consumed a night before work out is nutritious for the energy levels it adds to the body. However, sometimes, coffee can be as harmful as beer in the body. Sweetened coffee with sugars contains high levels of fats which are unhealthy to the body. 

Sweetened coffee consumed at high levels can accelerate weight gain. The calories contained in the sweetened coffee can accumulate on the heart and cause heart-related problems. Thus, to always be on the safe side, try consuming plain coffee. 

4. Ice Cream

Ice cream is sugar in cream form. Ice creams are suitable for refreshments, but most commercial ice creams contain a high percentage of fats and sugars. Consuming ice cream at high levels can confiscate your health and more so, led to weight gain. 

However, some ice cream is fit for consumption. If you need to include ice-creams as a desert in your meals, then look for ice creams containing less than 12 percent of sugar. Additionally, watch out for protein content in the ice creams as this too are crucial in weight gain. 

5. Pizza 

Pizza is one of the favorite desserts for most people in the Far East and America. However, considering health issues, pizza is not recommended for consumption. Pizza is baked using lots of fats and sugars which if measured, can harm the body. However, controlled pizza consumption is not inadequate.

As far as junk food is a concern, pizza is the popularly known junk food. Most pizzas are prepared from meat and veggies which are processed. Processed food, on the other hand, contains high levels of calories and sugars. World Health Organization reports indicate that pizza prepared by smoked meat is the cause of obesity in America, Europe, and other regions. 

In case you need to eat pizza, eat pizza prepared by unprocessed meat. However, for health purposes, avoid pizza like a plague. 

Obesity and weight gain can be eliminated by adapting to healthier foods such as tuna, salmon, chia seeds and Brazil nut, and these foods contain a high level of folic acid, minerals, and proteins which are essential to the body. As you have seen above, consuming foods with no idea of what these foods constitute can lead to catastrophic effects on your body. 

So, it’s upon to you to decide if you need to fatten your body and risk your health, or consume essential foods with the right amount of nutrients, which the body requires for metabolism. Lastly, for health practices, ensure to include fruits and water in your diet as this help replace water lost through sweating and metabolism.